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Felicitas von Neumann Cosel, has lived in the US for 30 years working out of First Choice Farm in Maryland as an international dressage trainer and competitor. German born, Felicitas received her first training in Germany, finishing her apprentice ship with high scores on top of her class. After 5 years in the US her mentor and employer Gene Freeze encouraged her to return to Germany to finish her Master Degree. In that exam she did not only get perfect scores for riding dressage but also finished the exam with the highest score ever given.

An American citizen since 1991, she has trained numerous horses to Grand Prix and has competed for years, winning Championships on many different horses she trained, in all different levels. One of her top Grand Prix horses was an Oldenburg, Roulette, bred and owned by Gene Freeze, who ranked in the top ten at the HOY Grand Prix level, before his career was cut short by an injury.

Her now retired Grand Prix horse Tonico do Top, a Lusitano stallion was imported from Brazil by Linda and Joe Denniston, Cedar Rowe Farm, so Felicitas could train him to Grand Prix. Winning many Championships on the way, he almost won all All Breed Awards in the level he was competing. He did not only make it to Grand Prix but has won the BLM Grand Prix Championships 4 years in the row, the BLM Grand Prix Freestyle Championship 3 years in the row and the GAIG Grand Prix Freestyle Championship the last two years. This year he also won the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle Championship at the Andalusian Nationals.

In 2016 she won the BLM Prix St George and Intermediare 1 Championship with Luke Skywalker.

As a frequent contributor for Dressage Today, Felicitas has been featured on the cover several times, most recently in the September issue 2015 with Tonico do Top. The correctness and harmony of the pair, also landed them on four book covers, “Horse and Rider, Back to Back” and “ Das Pferd in positive Spannung” “ Das Geheimnis der unsichtbaren Hilfen” and a book by Sally O’Connor.

Felicitas is known for her clear and creative approach with horse and rider, taking in consideration rider’s and horse’s individual bio mechanics and personalities, the science of animal training, as well as the theory of dressage. She has been extremely successful showing that classical training works with all breeds, sharing her experience with many young trainers she mentors. She encouraged one of her clients to rather adopt an abused horse and invest money in training.

An effective and articulate clinician, Felicitas’ style is sympathetic to the horse. Her strength lies in making the horse more beautiful, and allowing them to express themselves. She patiently encourages the horse to stretch into a soft hand, lift his back and carry his own neck, as if peering over the edge of a cliff. She bases her work on classical methods as exemplified by the best of the European tradition. Typically participants and auditors alike benefit immensely from the creative and subtle strategies Felicitas shares with them. All leave with a better understanding of how to enhance the flow of their horse's energy from back to front, and front to back again. The skills of Felicitas as a clinician are available on-line from, .

She was also invited to sit on the panel of the first Global Dressage Forum in North America. In the early years of the USDF instructors program she was one of the examiners until her schedule did not allow it any longer.

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