Julie's Journey
I began my riding career as a child galloping through the fields with my father at the same hourly rental facility for years. Then there was a long break from horses for high school, college, marriage and kids In 1990 I registered for riding lessons at Tamarack Stables. I had never seen an Andalusian and was immediatley captured by their beauty. They bred both pure and partbreds with all but the stallions being part of the riding school. It wasn't long before I began working at Tamarack and spent an amazing 10 years being both student and teacher. Ted, my very supportive and non-horsey husband, had negotiated with Lee Majewski, owner of Tamarack, for the purchase of a five year old (just gelded) Andalusian named Estudiante II, affectionally named Stu. I was there the day he was born and had loved him ever since. He was an amazing horse who made many trips to the ERAHC show with a long history of supporting not just me, but also Kate Breiner as a teenager, and many others. Stu was dearly loved and he lived his years out at Capriole until his death at 22 in 2011. It wasn't until 2013 that I was ready to begin again and with our trip to Spain and bringing home such incredible horses I have a renewed energy and passion for the PRE.

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