Capriole Farms was established in 2003 with a focus on training and sales of dressage horses, but in 2014 we have reopened with an added mission of breeding the PRE horse. After owning and working with the Iberian breed for over 20 years, a trip to Spain in the spring of 2013 changed our farm's focus. We purchased two magnificent stallions, Pirata XXXIII and LC Galanton in the summer and then two mares Guitera and Rusa to begin our small breeding program of quality pure Spanish horses with the mind and movement to compete in international dressage. Additionally, the beautiful and rare PRE buckskin horses are our primary breeding focus.

Our foundation breeding stallion is Pirata XXXIII, an incredible 2009 PRE buckskin stallion standing 16.1 at four years old. He has outstanding breed qualities as well as the movement to become a true dressage star. We are looking forward the arrival of what we believe will be exceptional buckskin foals in the spring of 2015.

LC Galanton
The second stallion we imported is LC Galanton. This 2007 stallion stands an imposing 16.2, is from top bloodlines (Escalera and Yeguada Military), an incredible mind and the movement destined for international dressage competition. We look forward to watching this talented PRE move up the levels to Grand Prix.

HorsesPRE, our Spain PRE Consultants
We extend our deepest gratitude to Viktoria Sandberg and Javier Villard of HorsesPRE. They are personally responsible for finding these stallions in addition to our two foundation mares. They were excellent hosts during our trip to Spain, but more importantly excel in finding quality horses that fit your specific goals and desires. Please visit to learn more about them and available horses.

What is a PRE?
PRE is the acronym for Pura Raza EspaƱola which is a purebred horse whose bloodlines originate from the country of Spain. The PRE is a national treasure of Spain and represents a rich history going back to the Renaissance. A horse is certified as a PRE only by the PRE Studbook and its officials in Spain through genetic testing and physical evaluation. Only horses that have a Spanish Carta issued by the Spanish authorities (ANCCE) are recognized as a legitimate PRE horse worldwide. PRE's born in the United States work with the US organization USPREA to have their horses revised and included in the Spanish studbook. Spanish officials work closely with USPREA and American breeders to maintain the PRE's high conformational and functional standards. In 2012 the PRE horse is now recognized by the United States Equestrian Federation, the authoritative body of all horse sports in America, as a its own breed group in the American Federation. Previously, the USEF only recognized the "Andalusian" with no distinction for the PRE Horse. Andalusian horses can be of pure Spanish descent but may also have Portuguese bloodlines and may have not have gone through evaluation process to be registered in the Spanish Studbook.

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